paradigm shift

Equiped with over 40 years of experience in the creative industries and a huge passion for the arts, we thought it was time for a systematic change of how artists interact, communicate and capitalize their work. 

The traditional art world  with its institutional gate-keepers promoting the same dudes since decades as well-heeled doyens leaves inspiring young positions unseen, -valued and -heard. Museums, galleries and some of the bigger art spaces are still jammed with saturated art installations. Achievements like encompassing a broader awareness of social inequalities just didn´t arrive in the art establishment. Therefore we developed  BOBO, a denkraum within maison rosenbluth, an artist driven design lab, a hub to a wild bunch of artists leaving the white cube for developing a bigger greener picture.

visual mountain summit 

art residency

An experimental temporary live-work space, located in one of the most stunning scenic surroundings of the swiss alps. Facilities include a full fledged postproduction surrounding for film/animation workflows.

A remote hide-away as perfect set-up to collaborate with like-minded peers, stimulating context to advance LAAX.SHORTS. Film is a vibrant artistic expression and powerful communication tool, able to open windows on the world and build bridges of understanding between cultures. It expands world views, develop critical viewing skills, cultivates curiosity, and inspires creativity. 

Shorts have influenced a new gen of filmmakers to share their work and collaborate in fireside gatherings. Outstanding positions to enrich curricula in language and visual arts, world geography and social science.


fields of expertise

artist representatives

VISUALS, the digital grandchild of Kunstmuseum Humboldtschloss is representing the Maximilian Rosenbluth Photographic Collection as art dealer, media liaison entity and lender of exhibition loan agreements. After more than 600 productions for international networks, Maxi Rosenbluth revisits the most unusual global encounters for a position of 6 fly-on-the-wall feature documentaries on the artists voice. All episodes are intertwined, as their protagonists share the rare gift of charismatic resonance. Untied artists, who freed themselves from the normative thinking to act independently of class realities on social objectives. The  work will have its theatrical release in 2025. 

Witnessing the impact of projection mapping  on the film set of swarm intelligence inspired us to go into a complete different direction. Today we are creating immersive, multi-sensory experiences for public venues. Permanent or traveling outdoor illuminations, transparent OLED screenings and indoor holograms for an intense encounter with highly infectious visuals. 

The pandemic has accelerated the inevitable shift away from traditional entertainment towards direct-to-consumer small screen business. Short form content that it easy consumable in one sitting, fitting perfectly into any moment of the day. We love shorts ...


Giving the curation of documenta 15 in the hands of ruangrupa, a jakarta-based artists’ collective, changed everything. Their economic model is rooted in principles such as collectivity, communal resource sharing and equal allocation. If this could happen, everything was possible. 

As gallerists, we decided to give the artists practise a wider field stimulating the creation of smart objects. We always knew, that the coffee table book will have its revival. In film you are used to play with visuals and acoustics, but never get close to any haptic perception. So books were our first choice. A coffee table book is a perfect memento of an art exhibition. It is also open for smart young collectors, most lavishly equipped collectible titles holding their value for decades. We invited our peers to come up with new ideas. 

Today we take the artists pursuit far away from the traditional white cube, opening up new avenues for avocation with zeal. While Gen Zens are busy reshaping consumerism and production, there is a lot of room for new business priorities.  Book series, taylor made vegan apparel, imaginative new architecture, the electrification of classic cars - the sky is the limit. Maison Rosenbluth is a women owned and operated artist superstore driving industry collaborations with the creative world fostering openness, diversity, fairplay, commitment and transparency.  


Directed to the next generation, maison rosenbluth treats artists multiples as welcome ticket to the work of our artists. For every expensive museum size original, we put on the market, we introduce a lavishly equipped art collectors box. An affordable little masterpiece for a new generation of art lovers of a new sharing economy. Same artwork, same materiality, just smaller in size and bigger in circulation (1/11): a fully documented and signed edition of 11 copies.

Our product drops are curated by our own denkraum, nestled in one of the most innovative natural habitats in Europe: Laax, Graubünden. A mountain lab, a safespace for radical new ideas, a neutral gathering point. Thinkers and leaders sharing knowledge. Private collaboration sessions and gatherings lay the groundwork for meaningful, constructive partnerships. An exchange of ideas, launching new initiatives for future living. Discovering new realities from the most emerging connected cities, the natural habitat of the post-hipster trope: the yuccie. Amplifying reach and impact. Unlocking Synergistic Creativity. In the digital era, artists have the power to connect directly with their audiences through social media, streaming platforms, and more. When artists join forces, the results can be breathtaking. A symbiotic relationship that sparks new creative possibilities, generating fresh and captivating content that resonates with diverse audiences.

Our associated curators identify perfect matches between the corporate world and relevant players in todays art scene. With a long track record in both genres, it is our part to bring collaborations to life. Our curator are subject specialists conducting original research on assets and guide the organization in its collecting.


All Fine Art Photography Originals are crafted as 3x1 m perfectly pigmented 3x1 m giclée museum prints on 308g/qm fine art Hahnemühle 100 % cotton providing a very matte surface with a fine understated texture . The Original series is available on a digital purchase - analog installment basis, where all artworks are delivered and hanged at the respective destination by the artists themselves. As we believe in collaborations, we are partnering with commercial resources, strategic alliances and equity participation to bring originals to life, one off development mules - futureproof prototypes for change. 

Digital curation establishes, maintains and adds value to repositories of digital data for present and future community use, digital asset management and its presentation in cinema, owned/earned media and on the ground. The great digital transformation changes organizations, economies and personal lives. Cities need to actively shape it. Technological innovations help us to create smarter cities. According to UN forecasts, cities are our future habitat. With buildings generating more energy than they consume. Cities are already struggling with housing shortages, congested streets, smog, noise, and a mass influx of people. Architects and scientist worldwide come up with ideas for developing the city, like harvesting and storing the surrounding clouds. 

Younger, technically savvy generations will play a key role in driving the transformation. The industry starts putting users at the heart of their business. Trying to avoid energy consumption, use renewable energies, compensate unavoidable emissions. But future demographics will ask for more. Our collabs are dedicated to shaping the future.  




a branded 
collaboration space 

creating play areas for emerging artists

fondation rosenbluth - München/NYC



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