second career

Entering the art market in 2013 was like coming home. Soon adapting to our new surrounding, we found out how essential it can be for a creative mind to be under soulmates. As artist collective, museums founders, publicists and gallerists we had the opportunity to learn everything about collaborations, swarm intelligence, desire, courage and commitment. 

With 600 hours of programming on the clock, we renewed our film work from scratch. The range of nonfiction film, the subjects, the styles, the voices have extremely developed. When it comes to filmmaking, the art of reality knows no season. When the Friedrich Family crossed our path, we were ready for a move into the US art world, the home of Dia Art - and Ayn Foundation.  

2013: new art spaces 


The core of the Rosenbluth art engagement leads deep in the geographical heart of Germany. 

The historic Humboldtschloss was carefully restored with EU funding and developed under public-private partnership as a revitalized cultural monument on historic grounds. It was home to the reformist alliance of Wilhelm von Humboldt with Schiller and Goethe in the years after 1791. The property can be experienced as a  former nucleus of the German cultural nation, nowadays showing contemporary positions in global painting, sculpture, film and photography.  


Emerging talents from Europe, Russia, Asia and overseas. The first bodies of work of Elizaveta Porodina, Gunnar Lillehammer and The Feigenbaums artist collective augmenting the mid-career retrospective of the Maximilian Rosenbluth photographic collection.

Surprisingly new  installations providing a fresh new look and feel on todays realities, framed by their US mentors from David La Chapelle to Julian Schnabel.

Maybe the gap between the stake- holders was just too big. When local resistance created headwinds against our curatorial agenda, we decided to return to the city and go on our own.

2015: Berlin


With the The Bikini Diaries series, the Kunstmuseum Humboldtschloss is launching the first huge art space in Berlin's puzzling City West in May 2016 right between Memorial Church and Zoo. 

Helmed by Maximilian Rosenbluth and curated in close collaboration with Max Weber from the well-reputed Galerie Friedrich. Bringing The Bikini Diaries to life was like shifting gears. Enabling artists from the  the museum roster to focus on their first significant solo show was one of the great fire tests. Critical voices just didn't like the idea of an noisy institution placing single artist installations outside the established gallery system. 

Those objects, sculptures, photography, painting and visuals were shown in Berlin and various other venues across Germany and the US. Today most of the artists made it in their specific genres.


Elizaveta Porodina drives the  avant garde fashion photography with tremendous force through space and time. The psychologist from Moscow is a master of black iconography. Her portraiture work is unrivaled. Although capturing the visual essence of our time, her work is reminiscent of the oevre of Richard Avedon, Horst P. Horst, Irving Penn and Sarah Moon. This comparison refers more to the visual lure, that draws the viewer like a maelstrom into the tableau. Despite her young age, the artists legion of fans and followers comprise the most influential drivers in the world of fashion and arts.

black label collaboration space

We only partner with pacemaker of climate change solutions. 

Carefully curated industry members, that pragmatically understood the cause, directing their full force to address change. By leading the way, our collaborators will actively become one part of the climate solution. BOBO.LAAX is the blueprint for a radical new thinking.

The way we work and transform our own in today’s rapidly urbanising world, where environmental consciousness is at an all-time high, the owners and developers of infrastructure and buildings face a monumental challenge: how to build the future sustainably while ensuring value for money. One answer lies in adopting a comprehensive framework for the sustainable procurement of green building materials ...  

Curating draws attention to art, to regimes of knowledge, to social criticism and the effectiveness of educational tools. Curating also creates publics. It generates temporary and heterogeneous communities of production and reception, which need to come, in an open and unbiased way, to an understanding about aesthetic preferences. What should be passed on: multidirectional forms of remembrance, sociopolitical objectives and appropriate lifestyles. BOBO.BERLIN is the space, where business meets art on a complete new level.

SNAPSHOTS.  THE BIKINI DIARIES ON TOUR. backstage, 1 hour before show


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